Society Journal: Japanese Journal of Social Psychology

Japanese Journal of Social Psychology publishes the most recent findings by the Social Psychology community in Japan to disseminate and exchange information not only within the Japanese community but also to the international community. Published articles are either in Japanese or in English, and are categorized into three types described below.

Articles: Articles include report on theoretical, empirical or methodological studies and accept both basic and applied studies. Both quantitative and qualitative studies are accepted.
Reports: Reports include work which supplements or examines past findings, reports discovery of new fact, observation or case reports of interest, or unpublished work on devices or methods which deserves documenting.
Monographs: Monographs are close, multi-faceted examination of one topic or of a relevant area, and includes reviews.

Only unpublished articles are accepted. The first author must be a member of the society, but the co-authors need not be a member.

(Link to a list of Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, and Editorial Board (in Japanese))